Zara is a mysterious woman also known as the "Kiss of Death". Hailing from Marali, she is Valencia Falvo's sister.

Zara was promised in marriage to Senator Winston of Andris. However, Winston was killed before the wedding took place. Rumour has it that the murdering was ordered by Zexe, and executed by the Hauksen family. Whether the rumour is true or not (Sonja Hauksen denied it), it resulted in Zara's desire of revenge, and promise to annihilate the whole family. Twice has she stabbed Willow Hauksen to death; both times at the bottom of Aborek, with her trademark technique that became known as "the Thousand Cuts". The technique had a pernicious secondary effect: it would wound the soul in a way that it could not be connected to the body once again. The first time round, the tormented ghost of Willow wandered through the lands begging for her body to be buried (and not abandoned, as it was Marali tradition). Two years later, a young girl called Willow Hauksen appeared in Marali, and history repeated itself.

These attacks made Amalphus Vei offer a reward for Zara's head, a bounty that he later took back.

In spite of this personal revenge against the Hauksens having gained her the reputation of being a troublemaker, Zara has also helped all the cities in several occasions, e.g. she killed Nadirah, the necromancer terrorising Lerilin's cemetery. Her connection to Mirith was strengthened by her love affair with Zexe, at the time the Royal Guard. At some point, Zara, who is a reader of novels, was reading with great pleasure a book that Zexe had given her, on adventurers from the past, enjoying in particular the love stories depicted. That literary tendency made her also a day-dreamer and a romantic, beyond her appearance of obstinacy and coldness.

After Zexe's death, Zara has not been seen for many years.

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