A weight point is Oberin's method of measuring weight. Each character, depending on their class and class level can carry a certain amount of weight, with Clerics carrying the least, so not ever being designated-looters, unless of stuff they already-have (the initial item in a slot weighs more than the consecutive, single-items, if stackable as the same-type). Each item has its own amount of weight points (so that varies, then). The formula to figure out your character's maximum weight is Strength X 18.

(So, what happens if you try to carry more than your maximum weight? [Hint: in Obie, you don't get squashed; immediately].)

Also, many Magical Creatures can cast Weaken and /or Heavy on a person, causing a formerly kind-of heavy one to become stuck on the spot, in the same way, until the spell wears off, which is usually dangerous, or else one drinks a potion of and /or casts Strength. Though there's no additional-benefit, to doing-both. Best to, hmm, dump the junk you didn't need. If there's time!