Tree Wall

The Wall of Trees is a thin, long formation of Trees located deep in the Marali forest. There are some small breaks within the wall, so a player may be able to pass through it in some places.

Many dangerous creatures reside here, including Forest Dracos, Bracken, Bone Mages, Gapers, Tuskers, Giants, Zombies and Rust Beasts, Trolls, Sludge Beasts, Harpies, Skeletons, Forager Ants, and Giant Snails.

Ralston, the Special Items Buyer/Cannibal also lives in a small house at the south end of the Wall. One can give him a Sack of Spice for a War Hammer of Power and 500 Experience Points. Other than that, there is not much reason to come here unless hunting with an experienced group of players.