The entrance.

The Volcano lies due South of the village of Lerilin, at the south east corner of the Continent. Inside lie many fiery foes, beginning in the entrance chamber with Giant Bats, Fire Elementals, Hell Hounds, Lava Spiders and Rust Beasts. As you make your way through the narrow, jagged chambers and passageways, these are joined by by Bone Mages and Red Dracos. More of the same lie in wait for the party as they enter the second level, where many a group has come to grief. Another wide chamber lies beyond a bridge over the lava, filled with dracos and bone mages. Those who survive this can wait in comparative safety just over the bridge that leads to the Red Dragon lair.

Notable features near the Volcano include the Pit inside the lava of the Volcano, Samurai Freiheit guild to the north and the Lava Dungeon Portal, located amongst the trees to the south east.