Valencia Falvo was a General of Marali before the occupation by the Twins. Afterwards, badly wounded, she was found near Gohoran and taken to Mirith, under the care of Nafets. For a long time, she was believed to be the only former official from Marali surviving the invasion. She is also the sister of Zara.
Valencia Falvo

Once in Mirith, she was visited by Birek McCalla, to whom she revealed that on the day Marali was taken, four men had appeared to her in the throne room, saying that the invasion had been planned by Galandir and McCalla. However, still recovering from the trauma, she could not remember the names or the faces of the group. Valencia lied to defend Birek, saying that he had never left Marali, when was indeed in Mirith at the time.

There are not many records of Valencia's own words, except for ome summaries of two or three meetings in Marali, with the presence of the Commanders Adams and Kang. In those, it is stated clearly that Valencia was against letting Birek McCalla become the new Royal Guard of Mirith, convinced that the Major was more needed in the North, where his loyalties were.

It is not known when did Valencia leave Mirith and, officially, she is considered missing. An encounter with Birek McCalla (himself gone for many years) raised the suspicion that he has been hiding with Valencia somewhere in the woods between Mirith and Marali. With them, for sure, is Altaira Mei, who had been thought dead after the invasion of 426.

After the death of Adams and Kang, Valencia would have been the natural successor to the command of the city. During her convalescence in Mirith, though, a barely known Nyatha Vaup took over, and is still the recognised commander of Marali.

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