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Hi, welcome to OberinWiki! Thanks for your edit to the Aborek page.

Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! -- Jedd the Fighter (Talk) 01:49, June 12, 2012

Crash course on disambiguation[edit source]

In response to your question about the Aborek thing, there's a complicated way to deal with it known as a disambiguation page. Basically, there needs to be two pages. In this case, it would be Aborek (dungeon) and Aborek (mage) or whatever you'd like to call it. Then, the page Aborek would be a special, disambiguation page. On that disambiguation page, there would be links directing to both pages. See Explosive Dust for an example. Also, at the top of both pages (Aborek (dungeon) and Aborek (mage)), there would be a small descriptive paragraph that would point to the other page with the same name. For an example of this, see the pages for Spider Cave and Rat Cave. These two locations are often referred to as the Bat Cave, which is ambiguous, so we have a disambiguation page at Bat Cave.

So, to solve the problem, you would first rename the Aborek page to Aborek (dungeon) without leaving a redirect behind, and then create a new page called Aborek (mage) or something along those lines. Then create a page at Aborek and insert the following code:

  *[[Aborek (dungeon)]] insert short description here
  *[[Aborek (mage)]] insert short description here

And then save the page, and the problem is solved. Also, pages shouldn't link to the disambiguation page, they should link directly to the specific page. Keep that in mind when making any links to Aborek. Don't worry about trying to change all of the previously existing links to Aborek; I have tools that will let me do that very quickly. Jedd the Fighter 22:50, June 13, 2012 (UTC)

You rock! Thanks!

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