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My name is Kernigh. I am the type of person who knows more about wiki than about Oberin. I also have sysop access to this wiki, since June 2006.

I cannot always play Oberin. Many other Oberin players are Macintosh users, but I prefer KDE. My primary computer runs KDE (above OpenBSD). I play Oberin using a machine that runs Mac OS X.

My characters[]

Today I have one or two Oberin characters. I am not telling their names! Eventually, someone in the Oberin community might notice enough clues, and announce the names of Kernigh's characters.

"Kernigh" was once the name of a Ranger character. He was male. He wandered as far as Port Gast, but usually stayed close to Lerilin and never saw any walled cities. Though he was a Ranger, he did not know enough Woodcrafting to make Arrows, thus he often resorted to melee with the Broad Sword. I last played Kernigh the Ranger in 2006, and this character no longer exists.


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