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About meEdit

I came to Oberin in the fall of 2009, and joined OberinWiki a couple of months later. I've since been through a few lengthy hiatuses and will surely have many more to come. That being said, I'm the only active admin on the wiki and still edit pretty frequently when not busy with school. While I started out by focusing on content relating to actual game mechanics, things took an interesting turn in 2012 and I have been primarily focused on the in-character, role-playing world of Oberin ever since (blame Cass, and Charo!) I still do make the effort to keep all our content up-to-date, though, and rest assured, everything is on the long list!

If you'd like to help out but have no idea what you're doing, please just dive in! I'm always happy to answer any questions about editing or formatting or whatever.

Cool PagesEdit

Want to learn more about the vast and engaging history of the world of Oberin? Then see:

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For the archives:

To-Do ListEdit

  • Complete existing Chronologies, like 432 and excluding 439, and then begin work on chronologies of the other years.
  • Give Andris Qchars some decent articles!
  • Write up more historical event pages, and come up with cool titles for said pages.
  • Figure out that Jade business.
  • Areas still in need of updating: Brigobaen Library, Mirith Castle, Morganstown, Marali Catacombs, Lerilin House.
  • Screenies for all dragons, dracos, and ancients. Screenies for all creatures
  • Shark
  • Crescent Island

More to come...

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