I am here mostly to work on the pages on the role-playing aspects of the game: Quest Characters, Historical Items, and Historical Events. Blame Jedd! I used to edit only now and then, until his daily enthusiasm about this Wiki got me hooked.

I'm not telling you this because I suddenly felt like introducing myself. Rather, I am finally editing this profile page to use it as a way to request your help. If you happen to have old logs, old screenshots, or even old memories that are related to the so-called "lore", please, do let me know (or help us editing!). If you are fluent in Japanese, let me know as well - a lot of the old stuff is not available in English anymore, and Google Translate is anything but reliable.

Also, feel free to shout at me if you find the information on these pages impossible to read. I do my best, but sometimes it is hard to put old stories together in an understandable way…

Finally, a pet peeve of mine: even though we use the word "lore" to refer to things that in the real world would be called "history", the term makes it feel like information of antiquarian interest from a distant past. I prefer to think that "lore" is anything related to the role-playing aspects of the game, past or present, and is, therefore, constantly being created by players and GMs alike. That RTQ yesterday has the same status of relevance than whatever happened during the Lancaster Wars, and deserves an equal attention from the historians. There are no "lore-related" RTQs! ;-)

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