Obtained From
Skill Associated
Level Required
Weight Points
Tool Required
Fishing Pole

Trout is a marine creature harvested in aquatic locations, such as oceans, moats and rivers. Trout is considered a raw material because it is harvested directly from the environment. They are very useful for cooking up a quick meal during a hunt or RTQ. With Cooking, you can make 3 Fish Steaks or 1 Dried Trout from a Trout.

Trout are the lowest level of marine creatures (only requiring level 1 fishing skill to catch), but considering that anything is hard to catch at level 1-2 it balances out quite well.

You can buy Trout in some shops. The general shop in Lerilin sometimes will you Trout for 3 gold each.

There is a quest at the Lerilin restaurant nearest the bank: you can trade 10 Trout for 5 Ginseng.