Near the center of the Tree Maze.

The Tree Maze is a tough area in the forests of Marali. This landmark is literally a formation of dense clumps of trees, shaped into a maze. The interior of the maze contains Giants, Bracken, Forest Dracos, Poison Elementals, Rust Beasts and Harpies. Sometimes a Forest Dragon will spawn in the center of the maze or its edge. There is also a big chance that a Dragon will be wandering outside the maze.

The Tree Maze is not the same as the Wall Of Trees. The Maze has an interior, the Wall does not.

The center of the maze contains the ruined MariRangers Guild Hall. This forms the entrance to a dungeon, commonly referred to as the MR.

Tips[edit | edit source]

The maze is actually on the northeast shore of a river, which flows northwestward from the source of the three rivers, down to its mouth between Duldrus and Marali. The usual approach to the maze is from Mirith. A Stone Golem is usually found just West of the river's West passage, among the trees, that apparently "safe" far side.

Where is the exact location? A player, lacking familiarity of this Tree Maze, should not seek its location, except to join a group of players who has this familiarity.

Personal note from Iceane:

-Don't pet the Forest Dragons.

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