The Tome of the Lost is a magical book kept at the vaults of Brigobaen. It is said to have been written by the God of Death himself, and to unmask commonly spread lies about Elara and the Black Plague. Its exacts uses are unknown, and many will say that no one should ever open its pages.

A Tome with no Home[edit | edit source]

The forbidden tome has been sought by many, even if only Cecil has read it in the latest years. Within the court of Mirith, Beleth wanted it to locate and kill Tirana; Galandir wanted it to help Beleth; Tirana used it as a bait to kidnap Beleth, and so on. Marthonis is said to have been interested in the book as well, which is not surprising, since Marthonis seems interested in pretty much any kind of high knowledge and magic.

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After the attack to the temple of Brigobaen in 429, there was a diplomatic conflict between Mirith and Andris as to where would the book be kept safely. Mirith wanted to use it to take revenge from the Duchess, and Andris considered that Mirith was not safe enough, offering to guard Brigobaen instead (which was considered as Andris offering to extend their territory to Brigobaen). The conflict was resolved when King Galandir offered the Pure Crystal Machine to be kept in Andris, leading Senator Morgans to believe that it was Seth's original invention and not one of the copies made by Mirith.

The Tome of the Lost was kept in Mirith, where Cecil read it, while convalescing from the wounds he had suffered in the attack. By the time he finished reading, the cleric had lost his faith, and returned the book to Brigobaen, through the hands of Amalphus Vei. However, he has learnt the spell sought by Beleth and, a couple of years later, helped the Royal Mage finding Tirana.

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