Summon Spirit Animal is a druid spell that calls forth a magical beast to the aid of its master. The Spirit Animal acts exactly like a pet, responds to the same commands, and is affected by the same spells (Heal Pet, Summon Pet, etc.).

The Spirit Animal does not take up one of the five slots on the Pet window, and it cannot be summoned if the druid has already taken a pet out from the stable. There is also no time limit: it will remain until its master logs out, or until it falls in battle. And perhaps owing to their magical nature, Spirit Animals can move across both land and water, and they never need to be fed.

The Spirit Animal's level seems to be twice that of the druid's Taming level (thus, a druid with Taming 11 will be able to summon a Level 22 Spirit Animal). But in spite of these high levels, Spirit Animals are generally weaker than standard pets. This is because the spell is not meant to be a permanent replacement for taming. It is designed to provide druids with a better option for participating in battle-heavy RTQs or large dungeon hunts – both of which often result in death for hard-earned, high-leveled pets.

Spirit Animals are very weak to magic: a single bolt from a gaper is enough to send them running. And though they have high Armor Rating, they do not have many Hit Points, and so careful attention must be paid to their health bar. A Level 22 Spirit Animal seems to have similar tanking abilities to those of a standard Tusker, and can thus solo a Forest Draco with ease.

Lore[edit | edit source]

The Spirit Animal spell traces its origins to the research and experiments of the Black Hand, and in particular, to the druids Fyod and Denreth. How the spell came into the hands of the masses is the matter of an ongoing conflict. As of early 449, it is known that a chocolatier named Lushe Satel acquired the spell through trade, and then sold it to Brigobaen in late 448. The temple wasted no time in sending copies of the spell to all the towns and cities in Oberin, and so it began.

The Black Hand has been pursuing Lushe ever since, even going so far as to plan a full-scale assault on Andris (though there is reason to believe that they seek Lushe for some mysterious reasons other than revenge). In the meantime, all of Brigobaen, the Hand, and the various druids of Oberin continue to study the spell, its nature, and its applications.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Summon Spirit Animal was introduced in Build 44.0 (April 14th, 2018). The spell originally costed 15 Dragon Teeth, but the number was reduced to 10 in Build 44.1 (April 21st, 2018).

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