Major Sule Tesdor is a wizard of Marali. Since Nyatha Vaup's disappearance, he has been in charge of the city, together with Major Cesca Andon.

Tesdor is often too busy to be seen by visitors of Marali, not only with his new duties as a city leader, but also with his own research on wizardry and magic. He is the head of Maralian wizards, and it is known that his research team tries to keep up to date with the scientific discoveries of Oberin, e.g. they too were seeking to purchase magic stones for some private testing at the time of Seth's illness. Nonetheless, Tesdor accepted to accompany Evers to the Central Island to supervise one of her experiments with the stones in the Waking Moon of 431. He did not seem to be proficient in Black Magic, by then, beyond some rudimentary spells.

Tesdor went missing at the same time as Vaup, yet returned earlier telling the Vanguardians that he together with Vaup had been trying to destroy a camp of the Alliance and that Vaup had been lost while getting in possession of a powerful artefact, which has been found to be a gem of the Royal Sceptre. 

Murdered by Estess Vorund Edit

In the Sleeping Moon of 438, two mysterious tomes ended up in the hands of the Marali Vanguard. The tomes was entrusted to the restoration atelier of Brigobaen. One of them turned out to be the diary of late Commander Kang. Trusting Tesdor over Estess Vorund,  the two main officials present in Marali at the time, Octar, by then an Armsman, delivered the diary to the wizard for safekeeping. For reasons that were never made completely clear, however the fake “advisor of the Majors” murdered Sule Tesdor at the docks and disappeared with the book. Marali mourned the lost of their most senior wizard and hasn’t, to this day, found a replacement.

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