Stealth is a rogue-specific skill that was first introduced in version 018.3. Stealth enables the player to become hidden (this is indicated by the name turning purple) and walk a certain amount of steps until they are revealed. The amount of steps is determined by the user's stealth level.

Rogues like to use this skill to escape their enemies, who cannot target a stealthed player. A rogue with a sufficiently high stealth skill can explore much of Oberin alone, including in places normally too difficult for a single player, by using stealth.

Rogues can also use stealth to backstab their enemies. The rogue, holding a dagger, uses stealth to sneak behind the enemy, and thrust the dagger. This has the chance to "backstab" the enemy for extra damage.

Contrast the Hiding skill. The advantage of Stealth over Hiding is that Stealth allows one to walk some steps, but Hiding requires one to remain still. However, one can also reveal a stealthed player by bumping into him or her. Sometimes another player, not seeing the stealthed rogue, will accidentally walk into and bump and thus reveal the rogue. In contrast, a player using the Hiding skill cannot be bumped in this way.

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