A hallway with pillars in the dungeon.

Skull Island Dungeon
is the name of the dungeon that can be found on Skull Island. It is one of the only two places in Oberin where Black Dracos and Liches can be found regularly, the other being Crausaar's Descent. It is considered a very difficult dungeon because of this.

The entrance of the dungeon is inside the mouth of the skull-shaped formation of rocks on the surface. Upon first entering the dungeon, one will find themselves in an ordinary-looking cave filled with many Giant Bats and Giant Rats. Not far into the cave, however, are two rounded arches that provide entry into the real dungeon. Inside this first legitimate room there are a few Giant Spiders and Poison Beasts in addition to the numerous bats and rats.

South of this wide room is a small corridor that leads to another, larger room. Here there are 2-3 Black Dracos and Gapers each. There is also a tiny compartment inside this room with only a door as an entrance. Some small groups wishing to hunt Black Dracos may sometimes camp inside this cell. However, there is a small chance that creatures can spawn inside.

To the south of there is a pillar-laden hallway that empties into a very wide and long room with more of the same creatures as well as more pillars. These pillars can prevent Clerics from healing others, but they can also prevent Gapers from casting spells on players. There is also a Chest in the middle of this wide hallway.

The hallway has two exits at the uttermost southern end: one, to the west, that leads to a succession of tiny rooms interconnected and with several chests in them (together with the same joyful inhabitants as the previous halls). There are three rows of rooms, running from the south to the north, east to west. At the last room to the north, there is a NPC named Holtrer that has a Quest: if one gives him 12 Black Roses, they will receive 1500 Experience Points and a Ring of Brute Strength.

The other exit of the hallway is to the south. It leads to a spiral corridor that ends in a large room with a Lich and chests in the center. Of course, do not expect the walk towards the centre to be a peaceful one, for it is also filled with dracos, spiders, gapers, and poison beasts!