A sheep is a benign creature who is very easy to tame or kill. Sheep can be found in any forest area. There is an area near and South of the Tree Maze commonly referred to as Sheep's Meadow because of the dozens of sheep that live there.

Sheep have been known to eat Sextants. They carry wool, raw steaks, and sometimes gold. Three bundles of wool can be tailored into a roll of cloth. There is a Quest at Paralia's House of Style in Lerilin that requires 10 Bundles of Wool in exchange for 3 Rolls of Cloth.

Sheep are fairly useless as Pets, but they can be used to kill other sheep in order to improve one's Taming skill. Sheep may also be used as pets to trail behind a player and slow the advance of creatures following. Pet sheep eat Loaves of Bread and bananas. Sheep appear as white dots on the map when succesfully tracked using tracking .

Known Loot Edit

Spotted Edit

Shallow Woods, medium-size herds (as also near-ish to Lerilin), in some cities (if no wolves, which attack sheep on contact).

Trivia Edit

Rumors say Gapers enjoy the company of these fluffy companions, and hang around them.