Serene is a mysterious woman and the only known living descendant of Elara, and thus the only person capable of using the untold power of the Curio unaided. Because of this, she was sought after by the traitorous Senator Lancaster, who had taken over the city of Andris and desired to use the city's Curio piece to conquer the world.

In the Sleeping Moon of the year 425, while Lancaster waged war against Mirith, his agents located and captured Serene, who was still only a young girl. Lancaster's general, Vanderbilt, brought her to a well-defended fort not far from Mirith, where she was to be kept until Lancaster's arrival. But before the senator could come, Serene was freed by a trio of double agents and brought under the protection of Mirith.

This good fortune was not to last, however. At the dawn of the year 426, a Mirithian-led siege of Lancaster's Andris went horribly awry, and Mirith's Royal Guard Birek McCalla was captured. Lancaster demanded a prisoner exchange: he would release Birek if Mirith delievered Serene. The remaining powers in Mirith agreed that such an exchange was intolerable, and so another full-scale assault of Andris was planned. This time, the Mirithians succeeded and Birek was freed, but not without dire consequences. While Mirith’s army was away from their city, Lancaster's allies – Elefin and The Twins – had entered and surrounded the castle. With the the help of Mirith’s treacherous Duchess Tirana, they captured Serene for Lancaster once again.

But even with Serene as his prisoner, Lancaster could not quite figure out how to channel her powers to use the Curio, and so the war continued. It was only two moon cycles later, when the armies of Mirith gathered for a final invasion of Andris, that the senator made a breakthrough. Whilst being pursued by the victorious Mirithian army, he drained the lifeforce of the helpless Serene, creating for himself a faraway icy abode that is today known as the Ice Dungeon.

Lancaster was nonetheless defeated, and a weakened Serene was brought back to Mirith. She stayed for a while at the castle, but even the most skilled healers could not assist with the loss of her powers that had resulted from the tragedy. Nowadays her whereabouts are unknown, but it is presumed the heir of Elara still walks the land.

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