The Senate Chamber

The seven seats of the Senate Chamber.

The Senate is the body of government of the city of Andris, currently composed by five members (though for most of its modern history, it has held six or seven). The Senate Chamber is located in the castle of Andris, just east of the bank. It is open to the public, but open Senate sessions are exceedingly rare, with most decisions taking place in private. The Senate also has a reputation for being a very deliberative body, and they have been known to take many moons to reach a decision.

Unlike any other main town of Oberin, Andris has been known for holding free elections to name their leaders, even if the elections take place only sporadically. This is because senators hold their position for life, or until they chose to retire. The senator with the longest active tenure is informally known as the "senior senator", a distinction which currently belongs to Senator Morgans de jure, but to Senator Fieltler de facto.

Current CompositionEdit

History since 425Edit

The first recorded complete list of senators was formed in Year 425 by Anderson, Morgans, Lancaster, Robertson, Waltham, and Winston. After the betrayal of Lancaster and Robertson, and the murdering of Waltham and Winston, their seats were taken by Feinstein, Halbim, Maurise, and Muqities. And then in Year 429, Fieltler was added, increasing the number of senators to seven.

During the Red Moon of Year 438, Senators Maurise and Halbim announced their plans to retire, and elections were set for the second-to-last day of the Blue Moon Festival. At this election, every citizen who was not part of another cities' Vanguard, even if they were only a citizen part-time, could partake. From the five Candidates - Falov Ellychas, Helda Grantham, Ivanelda Janik, Leo Valerion, and Ledak Weyckel - the first three were elected Senators, as on short notice Senator Feinstein had announced his retirement as well.

The Senate entered a long period of decline in 441, when many tragedies befell the leaders of Oberin. Senators Anderson, Ellychas, and Muqities were assassinated, and Senator Morgans disappeared into the Void. The status of the three remaining senators – Fieltler, Grantham, and Janik – was unknown for many years. As the crisis subsided, it became clear that the trio had just gone into hiding, and they emerged sometime in the mid-to-late 440s. Now they continue to manage the city's affairs, though they do keep a much lower profile than ever before.

To deal with the vacancies, another election was finally held in the Year 448. The contest saw the infamous businessman Uberh pitted against a local miner named Jan Varouf. Varouf emerged the victor, and he has since brought a slightly more progressive bent to the otherwise conservative body.

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