The Royal Sceptre is the device by which Mirith chooses her King. It is said that the Sceptre will glow if the named monarch is the right one, and that, if it does not glow, a reign of disgrace is to be expected.

Forging the RS.png

The Sceptre was stollen by the Alliance in the year of 430 and given to the Twins. After that, it was broken down into several parts to be studied by the Division of Diabolical Devices, a section of the Black Hand.

It is thought that each of its parts has more extraordinary uses than the assembled Sceptre. However, the Diabolicals lost some of the pieces in a failed expedition to the Tree Maze.

Gradually, the parts of the Sceptre were recovered and returned to Mirith: the Dark Ruby, the Ornate Staff, the Cerulean Diamond, the Emerald Prism, and the Blue Metal. Avesne and Beleth supervised the reforging of the most important item in Mirith's treasure, and gave it to N'eroth when he became king.