Image courtesy of Alys of Oberin.

The Rock Maze is a natural rock formation located just northwest of Mirith. The road leading from the West Gate of Mirith will take you to the entrance of the Rock Maze. Inside, the rocks form walls to create a type of maze, like the trees in the Tree Maze.

One may find the entrance to the Spider Cave inside the Rock Maze. There is also the entrance to the Lizard Island Tunnel in the north section of the Maze. The Rock Maze is home to many Hill Giants. Occasionally there will be Forager Ants and Harpies as well. There is usually a Zombie by the entrance to the Tunnel.

The Rock Maze is a popular solo destination for Fighters that are Level 9 or above. Many group hunts come here as well. There is a section of the Rock Maze where the Giants will "bounce" back to the player after they are weakened. Meaning, if someone is fighting in this section and they hurt a Giant enough so that it will run, the Giant will hit a wall and "bounce" back and continue to attack the player.