Rellia inside her library.

Rellia is a mercenary cleric who is most well-known for her leadership role in the army of Captain Jassen Andon. She, Jassen, and fellow mercenary druid Denreth were all evicted from their stronghold in the Mercenary Cave during a heated conflict with Marali in Year 431.

Then in 435, she was spotted again in the Mercenary Cave, this time wearing the badge of the Alliance. Here, she revealed that she was the one who had assembled the cave's library. She used her extensive knowledge of its shelves to gather intel on the Silver Dragon Claw, which would prove essential in defeating the three lich brothers – all for the price of a small moon fragment.

Ever since that encounter, she has yet to make any other public appearances. It is possible that she still works with the Alliance, especially now that her old associate Denreth has assumed some higher form of leadership within the organization.

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