A reagent is an "ingredient" for use in spells and alchemy. One can find most reagents on the ground in the wilderness, or buy most reagents from shops at around 3 Gold Pieces each, depending on the type. Reagents have been used as currency in the past, especially Dragon Teeth and Volcanic Ash. Reagents all have their own graphic, which makes them very easy to spot in the wild.

List of RegeantsEdit

Reagent Source
Ginseng shops, wilderness
Lotus Flower shops, wilderness
Mandrake Root shops, wilderness
Piece of Coal shops, Mining (esp. with Coal Axe)
Garlic shops, wilderness
Electric Eel shops, Fishing (esp. with Eel Pole)
Amber shops, Lumberjacking (esp. with Amber Axe)
Volcanic Ash wilderness, Spider Fang quest, Fire Elemental
Poison Gland hunting poisonous creatures
Dragon Tooth must hunt brackens, dracos or dragons; or skeletons for the Skull quest


  • Missing a reagent? Check the above list and make sure that you have everything. You do not need poison glands unless you want to make a Bottle of Poison; and you do not need dragon teeth except for the most advanced potions or spells.
  • Mages should always carry a pile of reagents, for casting spells or for refilling potions, especially outside of town. When supply of reagents is low, then plan to return to town to buy more. Keep extra ash and dragon teeth in the bank, if the character uses those reagents.
  • One way for a new player to earn a small amount of money is to collect reagents from the wilderness, and sell them in shops.