This article is for the cave on Lerilin island that is attached to the Ant Cave, if you are looking for the cave inside the Rock Maze near Mirith, see Spider Cave.

The Rat Cave refers to the cave on Lerilin. It is occasionally called the Bat Cave, however this leads to confusion as the Spider Cave is also sometimes called the Bat Cave.

This cave is attached to the Ant Cave, and it has a separate exit from the one near Lerilin. This exit is near the Volcano and is located in a patch of rocks. Therefore, one can travel through the two caves to move faster across Lerilin island. The Rat Cave itself is full of many Giant Rats and Giant Bats.  Frost SpidersSand Spiders, and Giant Spiders are visable in the cave but there may not be a direct path to them.  The rat cave also has 3 Giant Snake. It can be more dangerous to new players than the Ant Cave if they don't have their wits about them. Relative to the Ant Cave, the Rat Cave has a very small interior. A very thin passageway connects this cave to the Ant Cave.