This page lists quest characters organized by their species, faction, and time period. For an alphabetical list of quest characters, see Category:Quest Character.

A Quest Character, or Qchar, is a character closely tied in with the plot. They are primarily involved in RTQs, and many hold influential positions in Oberin's society. They are played by GMs, but QChars are not always GM specific, several GM's can play the same QChar over the time, meaning that a QChar can "forget" many details of previous conversations. Often the QChar will ask a player for a little refresh if it has "forgotten" a specific conversation. Quest Characters will always be In Character, and may not acknowledge, or may misconstrue any Out of Character conversation. It should be noted that annoying a QChar enough with OOC comments can have nasty effects like getting muted until the end of the conversation or even getting jailed for a few Earth hours.

The Quest Characters below are roughly organised by the period of time in which they were more active. Bear in mind that sometimes a character survived catastrophe and managed to live throughout more than one era.

See also: The Historical Items and Historical Events pages contain more related information.

Characters from the Fourth EraEdit

Unaffiliated Quest CharactersEdit








Port GastEdit

  • D'Arkk Lyver - Ranger of Gast by Appointment of the King (Player Character)

Black Hand – The Alliance (left print)Edit

Black Hand - The Division of Diabolical DevicesEdit

Black Hand – Marthonis (right print)Edit

The CreedEdit


  • Aphilche † - Mercenary Leader, T.H.U.G.S.
  • Clara † - killed for betraying Lancaster
  • Darkstar
  • Denreth - Mercenary Druid, last seen in the company of the Alliance
  • Hauksen Family (partially deceased)
  • Jassen (Andon) - Mercenary Leader, last seen fleeing the destruction of his cave
  • Jefferson † - committed suicide at Clara's death
  • Rellia - Mercenary Cleric, last seen in the company of the Alliance
  • Zem Stormbrow - Mercenary Wizard, last seen arrested in Marali
  • Vanderbilt † - Mercenary Leader, died during the Andris War
  • Volund † - Mercenary Sergeant, killed while fighting for Ash Hauksen





  • Tholan


Lizard MenEdit

Mhara folkEdit


  • Annelise
  • Esile
  • Hazel
  • Myzel
  • Elisa

Knights of SilverEdit


Notable LichesEdit


Characters from the Third Era and Mythological CharactersEdit

Characters from the Second EraEdit

Characters from the First EraEdit

Associations of Quest CharactersEdit

See also Associations of Players (IC).

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