A quest is a quick mission assigned by an NPC that usually involves item collection or delivery. Experience points are usually given out if completed along with an item or another reward. Several quests give out precious items, like a Short Bow of Power or a Greater Protection Ring.

One useful quest is from Duvalle in Lerilin who gives you 25 ash for 5 spider fangs. As a Greeter, he also likes candy.

Outline of a quest Edit

Say "quest" to an NPC. If the NPC responds, he or she might give you a quest, or you might have to converse more to learn what the quest is. Most quests require you to collect a specific quantity of a particular item. Give the exact requested amount to the NPC, and a reward will appear in your inventory. Otherwise, you may find a dropped item possibly appearing to be a bag, at their feet, possibly hidden; or, with less searching, you'll be told "your pack is full."

Quest list Edit

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NPC Location Quest Items Wanted Reward Experience
Uberh Wanders around 12 Yellow Roses Yellow Robe of Resistance 500
Bilann Restaurant 20 Gold Candelabra Glaive of Power 1000
Aldche Archery shop 100 Snake Skins Short Bow of Power 500
Rodolpho Jeweler Platinum Ring - 300
Kalymor Tailor 50 Blink Hound Furs Black Robe of Resistance 300
Pilsen Potion Shop Jar Ring of Lightning Bolt 800
Scofts Near Andris bridge 20 Pearl Necklaces Stave of Power 1000
Bayldan Inn 20 Silver Chalices Glaive of Speed 1000
Lushe Satel Northeast of the bank 10 Red Eggs 10 Gohoran Chocolates 20


NPC Location Quest Items Wanted Reward Experience
Blinston East Library Holy Dagger Bracken Seed 200
Leihem Underground Library Pestle and Mortar Gray Robe of Protection 500
Vicenti North side on the entrance 1 empty bottle

2 empty bottles

5 empty bottles

10 empty bottles

20 empty bottles

1 = ● pur shel bur ●

2 = ● pur clar bur ●

5 = ● pur bur rel ●

10 = ● clar bur bol ●

20 = ● clar ber bur ●


Duldrus Edit

NPC Location Quest Items Wanted Reward Experience
Destin Armor Shop 100 Furs Katana of Durability 50
Wilem Forge 20 Golden Scale Lesser Protection Ring ?
? Archery Shop 1,000 Lizard Scales Long Bow of Durability 100

Foehan Edit

NPC Location Quest Items Wanted Reward Experience
Terry Near Rock 9 Old Swords Dagger of Speed ?

Gohoran Community Edit

NPC Location Quest Items Wanted Reward Experience
Brungard First House 20 Bone Knives Pure Crystal Ring 1000

Lerilin Edit

NPC Location Quest Items Wanted Reward Experience
Tamyr Inn 12 Red Roses Red Robe of Protection 500
Salinia Potion Shop 20 Skulls 1 Dragon Tooth 50
200 Skulls 30 Dragon Teeth 500
Duvalle In Front of Bank Piece of Candy - 50
5 Spider Fangs 25 Volcanic Ash 10
50 Spider Fangs 250 Volcanic Ash 100
Jules Behind Forge 10 Turtle Shells (sold at bank's Sushi shop) 10 Greater Detoxify Potions 25
Paralia Tailor 10 Bundles of Wool 3 Rolls of Cloth 20
Braask Boolin Weapon Shop 10 Night Vision Potions Dagger of Durability 10
Janister Sushi Restaurant 10 Trout 25 Ginsengs 5
Depressed Guard East of Stable 3 Lesser Heal Potions 12 Mugs of Ale 1
Siomir Jeweler Silver Ring - 50
Malas Behind Magic Shop Ancient Tome Iridescent Token 100
Shivile General Shop Little Statue Jar 300

Marali Edit

NPC Location Quest Items Wanted Reward Experience
Diamonique Jeweler Crystal Ring - 500
Marali Guard Northwest Room of Fort 10 Brigand Heads Ring of Remove Curse 500
Hesterail Forge 50 Dragon Scales Medium Protection Ring 500
Randal Tinkerer 10 Dragon Teeth Persian Rug 200
Josiah Restaurant (The Marali Mess) 100 Gaper Stalks Lobster Pole 100
Percival Magic Shop 50 Scorpion Stingers Frost Axe 700
Marcial Tailor Ruby Heart Green Robe of Protection 500
Julvi Outside Diamond Shop 10 Ivory Tusks Gold Thread 100
Harbor Master NE Gate 20 Privateer Heads Small Moon Fragment 500
Mirthia Marali Catacombs 20 Bone Mage Staves Ruby Heart ?
Everett (Guard) Below Marali Fort 10 Old Swords ? ?
Lieutenant Markov (Marali Guard) SW Room of Fort Promises Future Quest not yet available

Mirith Edit

NPC Location Quest Items Wanted Reward Experience
Vilohin On the bridge to the east of Mirith Persian Rug Flaming Sword 500
Fallon Restaurant 18 Purple Eggs Ring of Lightning Bolt


24 Red Eggs 20 Nourish Potions 100
Opal Inn Magic Rune Sack of Spice 200
Mattias Castle 10 Bolts 3 Full Heal Potions 100
Chucky Castle Sewers 50 Rat Tails 5 Lesser Heal Potions 20
Bart Jewelry Shop Gold Ring - 100
Korvie Tinkering Shop Gold Thread Little Statue 200
Brother Sarducci Temple 50 Crystals of one color Pure Crystal of that color


Cletcher Around Mirith 12 Blue Roses Blue Robe of Protection 500
Sandra (Guard) Below Mirith Castle 11 Old Swords Long Sword of Speed 100

Port Gast Edit

NPC Location Quest Items Wanted Reward Experience
Talia Potion Shop 50 Snake Eggs

Flask of Perfume

Galas General Store 12 Purple Roses Purple Robe of Protection 500
Ashley Sailors Iridescent Token Silver Button 100

Welif Edit

NPC Location Quest Items Wanted Reward Experience
Nate General Store 20 Mystic Sigils Lesser Mana Ring 1000
Agatha Open Space 10 Copper Spoons Ice Crystal 100

Other Places Edit

NPC Location Quest Items Wanted Reward Experience
Holtrer Skull Island Dungeon 12 Black Roses Ring of Brute Strength 1500
Old Hermit Hermit's Hut Island in the Lake South West of Lerilin Bracken Seed Magic Rune 200
Benard, Special Items Buyer (Nephew of the "Cannibal") Wall of Trees Sack of Spice War Hammer of Power 500
Captain Grutern Outside Aborek 20 Sunstone Rings 2 Essence of Power 1500
Rung the Stinky Forest Troll Forest near Mirith Flask of Perfume Purple Robe of Resistance 500
Scofts Andris Bridge 20 Pearl Necklaces Stave of Power 1000
Axel Blade Near Andris Bridge Hand Axe

Coal Axe

Amber Axe

5 Raw Steaks 10
Sand Golem Top of Nystral's Tower 100 Pixie Dusts Essence of Speed 2000 ?
Brack Marali Lake 100 Bracken Roots 50 Logs 250
Morks Atelier of Morganstown 10 Rust Glands 50 Ferrite 100
Jorda Potion Shop of Morganstown 100 Harpie Beaks Pestle and Mortar 50
Eva Warehouse of Morganstown 20 Packs of Nails 5 Tiny Sea Shells 20
Fyod Underground in Bear Carve 20 Black Crystals Pure Fire Crystal 0
Token Master Token Island 1 or 5 or 10 Class Tokens 1 = 4 Pure Fire Crystals

5 = Ring of Lightning Bolt

10 = Greater Protection Ring

1 = 100

5 = 500

10 = 1000

Cobra the Sea Serpent New Mirith (Island East of Lerilin) 3 Jade Boxes Merfolk Hair 100

Discontinued QuestsEdit

NPC Location Quest Items Wanted Reward Experience
Witch SE of Andris Cemetery Silver Leaf Silver Tipped Quill 2500
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