Port Gast is a small town, on the southeastern coast of the Mirithian continent, featuring a warehouse, a dock, few shops and a stable. A few guards patrol Gast. If a troll or hell hound wanders into Gast, a guard will kill it.

There is almost no reason to come to Gast, other than to enjoy the good people, the great food, and the the great atmosphere of what is generally a quaint small town. The Flask of Perfume quest can be completed at the potion shop by giving its proprietor Talia 50 snake eggs. Players do sometimes pass through Gast, but they do not stay there, because there is no bank there. Port Gast also has a blacksmith and a general store. There is good hunting in the immediate area as elementals of various kinds, the occasional skeleton and Bracken and trolls inhabit the forest to the north east, and the sea has plenty of sea turtles.

The road to the west of Port Gast leads you to the unnamed settlement. This settlement is rumored to be a hideout and safe house for Rogues, is unofficially known as Rogue's Refuge, and is listed on Hayate's world map as the Wolf Forge. Rung the Stinky Troll is known to inhabit the area. You can gift the Flask of Perfume from Talia to Rung for 500 experience points and a Purple Robe of Resistance. 

Geography Edit

Port Gast is on the Mirithian continent, in the forest by the southeastern coast. One of the smaller, more narrow roads passes through town. The road begins near the Mirith-Lerilin bridge, then goes east of the Mirith-Gast rock barrier, passes southward through Gast and then reaches the gate of the Mirith-Andris bridge, before turning toward Welif.

To approach Gast,

  • From Mirith, take the road east toward Lerilin. Just before the bridge, turn right (south) at the sign for the road to Port Gast. Or, the one to the Andris Bridge, and turn-up, Gapers-and-Bone Mages, later.
  • From Lerilin, take the road west. Cross the bridge, then either turn left (south) at the sign, or take a shortcut along the coast, around the rocks!
  • From Andris, take the road west. Cross the bridge, go through the gate, then turn right (north) on the unmarked coastal road.
  • By raft, Gast is somewhat northwest of Brigobaen, and somewhere north of the Andrisian continent, which is marked on the Oberin site's Map by Hayate as Lesser Oberin.
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