This article is for the island to the southwest of Mirith. If you are looking for the similar yet larger island to the south of Marali, see Poison Island (Marali).

The Mirith Poison Island is an islet that is home to a crowd of Sand Spiders, Giant Scorpions, and Air Elementals. In the waters around the island, there is a fair number of Sea Serpents, Sharks, and Water Elementals. Some Wizards and Rogues like to hunt here to collect Spider Fangs and Poison Glands without having to travel far from Mirith. However, this island does not have as many creatures as the Poison Island in Marali does. In what would later be known as the Great Storm of 438, there was a massive sandspout on the island that brought forth Sand Dragons, Sand Golems, and other sandy beasts.