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To help maintain OberinWiki, some of our registered users are administrators. These users have access to a few extra technical features. They act as the guard of the wiki. Should spammers overrun OberinWiki, administrators can rollback the spam and block the spammers. They do things like that.

An administrator is not anything like a GM. Other than a few extra features, administrators are exactly like other editors. In fact, all users are welcome to help administer the wiki, whether they have access to administrator features or not. For example, anyone can edit templates and correct pages. The administrators do not have ownership of the wiki; the wiki belongs to the Oberin community.

What administrators do Edit

An administrator or sysop of OberinWiki is a registered user who can:

What bureaucrats do Edit

A bureaucrat is a registered user who can also promote other users into administrators or bureaucrats.

Logs of administrator actions Edit

List of administrators Edit

Special:Listusers/sysop is the full and canonical list that includes inactive admins. Please update this section when necessary:

Wikia staff Edit

Special:Listusers/staff is the list of Wikia staff. See Wikia:Report a problem.

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