Nystral's Tower

Nystral's Tower is one of the most difficult and deadly places in Oberin, but a fun place for strong parties to hunt. It is located on a small island not far south/southwest of the Andris portal. The first floor features a small lake filled with sea-serpents. After this, the next few levels have relatively easy foes. One floor is full of various Ants, and another contains a large group of Pixies. These Pixies have to teleport a player in order for the player to advance. The other floors contain beasts such as Sand Spiders, Bone Mages, Earth Elementals, and other creatures. There are many Chests throughout the tower.

A complex series of portals is used to travel between many of the levels. The portal keys are usually to be found from the (non-hostile) Sand Golems and feature chess pieces or other trinkets. Sometimes, if a different key is used, one can escape the tower early (a red crystal used at one particular portal will transport you back to Andris for example, and ginseng dropped on the temple of the Dragon Floor transports you back to Brigobaen). However, if you drop the wrong key on a portal, then you will be teleported to a lone room. This room has a chest that contains Red Crystals, and dropping a red crystal on the portal will bring you back to Andris. Therefore, if you drop the wrong key, you effectively get kicked out of the tower.

There are two particularly deadly levels. There is a Dragon floor with Sand Dracos, Sand Dragons, and Pixies. There is a Forge on this level. The pixies will frequently disorientate or teleport dragon-fighting plates, and whole parties have come to grief as a result. There is also the golem library, featuring (hostile) sand golems. The final level (the garden) has only bracken and Blink Hounds, and 100 Pixie Dusts can be exchanged for an Essence of Speed.

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