Nyatha Vaup

Fearsome Nyatha.

Nyatha Vaup
was the Commander of Marali since the city was librated from the Alliance in 426. Some question her sudden promotion to Commander, believing that she usurped the post from the General Valencia Falvo, who was believed to be dead since. A random encounter with Birek McCalla, though, raised the possibility that Valencia lived for much longer, who knows, would have be plotting to take the command of the city back.

Whether or not Nyatha won the position by honourable means, her dedication to the fort was never doubted. In 430 she promoted the creation of the Marali Vanguard, which she accompanied closely until her disappearance two years later.

Her long absence, in the 30s, raised lots of questions in the city. At some point, her Vanguard believed that she had left Marali to infiltrate the Black Hand and worried about her well-being, after four years without news. The last time Nyatha Vaup had been seen, she was wearing a strange emblem with the words "The Iron Gauntlet" in it.

Nyatha Vaup reappeared in the year 438. A large party searching for the last gem needed to reforge the Royal Sceptre found her locked into a fight with the Dragon Vandrovic. Once the Emerald was recovered their endless fighting ceased, and Vaup could be freed. It is now known, that she spent the previous years together with Sule Tesdor trying to find that artifact and chasing representatives of the Alliance who had stolen it. She immediately returned to her post.

Nyatha Vaup was eventually killed by Vandrovic in 434, but her memory lives forever in the hearts of the Maralians.

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