Father Nafets was a learned scholar and the Royal Cleric of Mirith. The story of Nafets is the story of the people he healed (or attempted to) throughout the years. He kept a diary with his research and observations on each patient. Some pages of the diary were occasionally shared with the citizens. The most significant of these are his notes on Darkstar's illness and departure, which to this day serve as one of the most important historical sources on the subject of the Legion.

Under his care have been people from all corners of Oberin. Some of his more notable patients were General Valencia Falvo, Willow Hauksen, Serene, Father Cecil, Alastor, and, of course, Mirith's own Royal Guard Zexe. He also managed to cure Erich Kaestner, the man formally known as Neblin, of his insanity. Some of his cases were not successful, but Nafets cannot be blamed for not having tried everything within his reach to change the inevitable outcome.

Sometimes, when there was no one else available, he acted as liaison between the King and the population, informing them of troublesome reports and sending the people of Mirith on one mission or another.

In the Blue Moon of 438, at the time of the taking of Mirith by Tirana and the Twins, Nafets was saved by the rogue Libe, who pushed him out of the castle before the massacre that killed most of the court. He then served as an important leader figure in the Mirithian Resistance force while they were exiled in Duldrus, and assisted in the negotiations with the remaining free cities of Oberin, gathering pledges of support. This included a Charm of the Sea bequeathed to Nafets by Mayor Palmer of Lerilin - one of his oldest and dearest friends.

Once Mirith was liberated, Nafets retained his position and kept it until his untimely end in the Blue Moon of Year 441 - a tragedy which would prove to be only the first of the Black Shadow Assassinations.

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