This article is for the period of time during which N'eroth became known as the King of Mirith. If you are looking for information on N'eroth as a pirate, see the page Halforth.

Prince N'eroth is Galandir's heir to the kingdom of Mirith. The prince was introduced to the community as a little baby on the 58th day of the Red Moon, year 432, during a festival promoted by the King.

On the same day, a delegation of Centaurs came to Mirith to take over the education of the child, as well as to chose the name by which he would be known for posterity: N'eroth means "renewal" in the Centaurs' language.

Fortunately, no one stepped on the little pill.

The identity of N'eroth's mother was not revealed until many years later when, in 438, a prisoner escaped Mirith. The prisoner was none other but Duchess Tirana, held secretly in the dungeons for half a decade. Soon enough, it was made public that Tirana had never been beheaded, but had accepted to give birth to an heir for the kingdom in exchange for her life. However, when these facts were discovered, N'eroth had already left the Centaurs' cave and was nowhere to be seen.

Eventually, it was the Royal Wizard Beleth who discovered that the prince had spent his young adult years in the company of the privateers led by Captain Jass, and had been traveling around Oberin under the name of Halforth. The young pirate was as surprised as everyone else in retaking of Mirith when Beleth handed him the newly reforged Royal Sceptre, explaining in Centaurian that he was the new king of Mirith.