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Outside the Shipwright's Arms.

Morganstown is a hamlet of Andris, located on the eastern shore of the continent. The tiny settlement serves as Andris's port, and is connected to the city by the Venom Road.

Morganstown is home to the Shipwright's Arms, the local pub. Right next door, there are two buildings: a warehouse in which the fleet of Andris is constructed, and a small potion shop known as Jorda's Concoctions. The docks and Morks's atelier are just down the road to the southwest.

Despite its small size, Morganstown sees a lot of commerce. Smaller-scale trading can be found as well: Morks oversees a popular trade in Ferrite. Jorda is a well-known supplier of Pestle and Mortar sets. And Eva at the warehouse is the only person to currently offer Tiny Sea Shells.


The city of Andris had long desired a port, being the only major city besides Mirith to not have one. For most of the Red City's history, however, the issue was left on the table.

Serious talk about building a port for Andris began in the Dancing Moon of Year 438, when the long-awaited Senate elections were announced. One of the candidates, Helda Grantham, made the port a central tenet of her campaign platform. Grantham was eventually elected Senator in the midst of the War of 438. Once that conflict settled down, she began to conduct investigations into a suitable location for the port.

Grantham initially desired to have it constructed to the west of the city, near the Andris Bridge. The other location being considered was the eastern shore of the Andris continent, opposite Crescent Island. But due to the slow nature of the Senate's deliberations, the project was delayed for a few moons.

Eventually, the Senate settled on the eastern location, but the problems were just beginning. Not long after ground was broken, it became apparent that the water was not deep enough. The project had to start all over again, in an entirely different spot to the southwest. The ancillary structures, at least, would be able to remain at the initial construction site, where they remain to this day.

Meanwhile, Senator Grantham was growing impatient with the progress. She began to push the construction workers harder and harder. Towards the end of the project, she threatened to take away their milk breaks and to replace them with workers from Marali. It was at this point the workers went on strike.

Thankfully for Grantham, the dispute was resolved with the assistance of Crom and Senator Falov Ellychas, and the port was finally completed in the Lucky Moon of Year 439.