The Mirith Vanguard

The Mirith Vanguard is the oldest of the Vanguards in Oberin, having started long before Marali, Lerilin, and Andris. Many remember Asliendor as a very important member in the Mirith Vanguard's history. Currently, the vanguard is being Commanded by Nasrith.

Because of the polarizing nature of Mirith in Oberin, the Mirith Vanguard is at the same time among the most-loved and most-hated of all Oberin groups.

Its members nearly universally wear blue robes, but some exceptions include Iceane with his blue shirt and light blue pants, Cassandra with her red robe, and Nasrith, with his black robe.

List of the Mirith Vanguard



  • The Witch Adrienne
  • The Cleric Antoninus
  • The Cleric Danaan
  • The Cleric Feyreth
  • The Fighter Gerik
  • The Fighter Tuck
  • The Cleric Vishne, the Great
  • The Cleric Xylem Ryithin

Long Live the King!

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