Mirith Map. Courtesies to SRCN.

Mirith is one of the larger cities in Oberin, larger than Lerilin or Marali but a little smaller than Andris. Water Elementals can be found near the bridge leading into the city, and following the river south to the sea leads one through Gooey Park. Mirith has a fairly large cemetery, where skeletons and zombies may always be found. Inside the cemetery is a crypt dungeon as well, with two floors, and three treasure chests.

The Mirith portal is unusually distant from the actual city - when going to and from the portal, one must pass the turn for Duldrus. Fortunately the convenient sign ensures that no one can get lost, as long as they read it.

Mirith has a very long history as being a safe haven and home to many important Role Playing characters and storylines. Galandir, Zexe, Asliendor and Elara are some that might come into conversation when discussing the citiy's history.

Mirith has a Vanguard, as do Marali and Andris, but had hers long before Andris and Marali got theirs.

Mirith has a bank, as well as all other stores that carry necessities. Mirith also has its own sewer, complete with three entrances, which many rogues love to spend their time in.

Mirith's greatest structure is its castle, home of the Pirate King N'eroth since the Sleeping Moon of 438. In the Lucky Moon of Year 439, a wide area beneath the castle was opened to the public. This basement has, among other things, a portal to the temple of Brigobaen, demonstrating, perhaps, the close connection between the crown and the order.

The Colours sold in Mirith are Blue and Light Blue.

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