The Mhara, also known as the Mhara Folk or the Merfolk, are a species of underwater-dwelling creatures, similar to humans in appearance. Since time immemorial, their kind have avoided the surface world, treating the “surface folk” with fear and disregard, and avoiding them at all cost. For this reason, reports of encounters with the Mhara are few and far between, and only then under the rarest and most extreme circumstances. Many of these reports consist only of lost sailors hearing the songs of the Mhara on the wind, with no other trace of their presence to be found. The Mhara also have their own language, of which little is recorded.

Mhara society is monarchical in structure, with their last-known leader to be King Leviathan. Leviathan had at least two offspring: Prince Kolarysan, and Princess Nita. None of these three have been seen since the 420s. Also involved in the royal hierarchy in some way are the Princesses Nifi and Fini, who were last seen in year 439.

One of the first known instances of human contact with the Mhara was undoubtedly the most violent – the War of the Poison Forges in year 425, which resulted in the mass pollution of the world’s ocean by the Black Hand. Faced with the threat of extinction, the Mhara allied themselves with the city of Mirith in order to destroy the Poison Forges and defeat their creator, Yadeth. This alliance came about in no small part due to the unusual friendship between Princess Nita and the late Mayor Palmer of Lerilin. Palmer was the only known human to ever enjoy the hospitality of the Mhara people, and he spent many moons among their kind, having been rescued by Nita during a terrible storm.

Not long afterwards, adventurers had an encounter with an ancestral spirit of the Mhara, known as the Prophet Gellansha. This would be the last human encounter with the Mhara until 439, when Nifi and Fini rescued King N'eroth of Mirith. N’eroth has ever since been enamored with the people and the songs of the Mhara, and indeed left behind his kingly duties to pursue them on the endless seas.

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