Marthonis with two of his creations.

Marthonis is a logical and calm necromancer, to whom no knowledge is to be despised. He is famous for his creation of the Bone Lords, a sort of automaton creatures raised from the corpses of powerful wizards. He keeps refining his invention, and uses the Bone Lords as his emissaries for most current tasks, be it acquiring knowledge on something intriguing, be it bolting to death someone considered an obstacle. The necromancer himself tends to appear only for civilised chats, or when the matters are of extreme importance.

There is much to study in life, and beyond. My methods mostly involve the beyond aspect. This upsets people.

Marthonis started his career as a young wizard at the service of the Twins during the siege of Marali. After their defeat, Marthonis studied necromancy from a book he would have stolen during the fight, the Book of the Dead (years later he was suspected of trying to steal the Tome of the Lost from Brigobaen as well).

While the Twins were hiding, he became the leader of the Black Hand. According to a letter from Varsha to her brother, the Alliance went underground at this time, fearing Marthonis' new experiments with the dead.

Some of my experiments unnerve even me.

The necromancer was also involved in the creation of the Blood Lich; an experiment that did not go well for him.

Chatting about magic.

After that, he set his Bone Lords to eradicate all the elements of the Satel family, believed to form the Blood Cult of Gohoran.

Marthonis is unquestionably one of the most dangerous wizards in Oberin. However, he has helped Mirith defeating the Eye, and nowadays is even seen chatting about magic and the like at the surroundings of cemeteries.

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