The MariRangers Guild Hall is a ruined guild hall inside the center of the Tree Maze. There is a ladder in the center of the hall that leads down to a dungeon, commonly referred to as the MR.

The ruined MariRangers Guild Hall.

The MariRangers guild itself was the first official guild of Oberin, dating back to the First Era. The hall, along with the rest of human civilization, was destroyed by the Black Plague.

The ruins are perhaps one of the most well-preserved antiquities in Oberin, aside from the remnants of Oberin City.


The MR dungeon originally consisted of just one floor. In the May 2013 update (Year 439), three new floors were added. Following is a description of each floor, with the first floor labeled "B1", the second labeled "B2", and so on.


The entrance room of the MR Dungeon contains Trolls, Giants, and a few Forest Dracos. After the first room there are many more dracos. There is also a Forest Dragon that resides in a room further south. The chests on this floor of the MR contain Ancient Tomes, Red and Purple Robes of Resistance, Pieces of Coal, Volcanic Ash, and Poison Katanas.

To reach the second level, one must descend the ladder at the back of the dragon room.


This next area is relatively safe, with no creatures in the immediate vicinity. The ladder to the third floor is just a few steps to the east. To the north of these ladders, there is a room with Gapers and Giant Snakes. Beyond this is a room with Black Dracos, Blink Hounds, and a portal.

This portal is connected to another one deep within the Marali Catacombs. A player can teleport between them by dropping a diamond on either portal.


  • The ladder room of B2.
  • The path splits soon after descending to B3.
  • Just outside the lair on B4.
At the beginning of this floor is a small hallway with Giant Rats, Giant Snails, Skeletons, and Giant Spiders. At the end of the entryway, the path splits into two. The rest of the floor is essentially one big circle, so either path can be used to reach the next floor.

The left path is by far the most dangerous, as it runs by three broken jail cells which each contain a Lich. The right path involves a long, mostly empty corridor. Both paths eventually converge on another portal room. Groups will often park here in order to regroup and restock on potions before moving on.

In order to advance to the final level, one must drop an amber on the portal.


Giants, Trolls, and Sand Dracos await at this end of the portal. After another long hallway, the path splits in two again. To the south is a room with a ladder that leads all the way back to the dragon room in B1 (this jump cannot be done in reverse).

And to the west is a very wide room where two Sand Dragons can be found, alongside Gapers and the rest of the local fauna. Deeper within the lair, a Sand Golem lumbers about. And at the far end, there is a final room with a chest, guarded by another Lich.