Bracken in Marali Lake


Marali Lake (1444N by 1320E) is framed by the north eastern lines of the Tree Wall, west of Marali, close to the house of Ralston , the Rare Items Buyer (cannibal) . On a small island in its middle lives a friendly Bracken given the name Brack, who has a quest for passing travellers. The surroundings of this lake are inhabitated by some of Oberin's most feared creatures, such as Bone Mages, Forest Dracos, Black Bears, Lions, Brackens (hostile ones), as well as numerous trolls, rust beasts, poison elementals and harpies. Recently a population of Sharks has appeared in the lake but as of year 439 of the Bleeding moon the lake appeared free of any water born inhabitants.

The Naming ProcessEdit

Marali did not always have a lake. A group of travellers discovered it for the first time in the year 433 (Update New Years 2009), after which a long argument about the naming arouse. Claiming to have discovered the lake, Athur opted for the name "Lake Athur", whereas Iceane preferred to refer to it as "Dipper Lake". Citrinitas Aegis, a guild, who had their base on the Marali Continent at that time, brought "Ding Dang Lake" into the discussion and refused to call it by any other name. Some simply refer to it as "Pipe Lake"or "Tobacco Island" due to its shape, some call it "Lake of the Lost" or "Ralston's Lake" due to its location. On Tiphereth's beautiful map it got the provisorical name "Hidden Lake", yet there has never been reached agreement on a name so far.