The room just to the east of Mirthia's abode.

The Marali Catacombs are an extensive network of underground tunnels and passageways beneath the Fort of Marali. They include the Marali Prison.

They were opened to the public access in the Lucky Moon of Year 439. The tunnels lead to both the notorious dungeons of the city and, eventually, the Marali Crypt .

The deeper levels of the tunnels are inhabited by Gooeys, Skeletons, Zombies, Bone Mages, Poison Elementals, Gapers and Sand Spiders. A Red Dragon and his kin can be encountered in the caverns. A less conspicuous river in the catacombs leads to a lake full of Phase Serpents

One exit leads to an island close to the Rhovanion Rebels' guild hall.

In the first room with Bone Mages, there resides a human named Mirthia who seeks 20 Bone Mage Staves as part of a Quest.

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