Description Edit

Lumberjacking is the Harvesting Skill associated with gathering Logs (86%) and Amber (14%) with a Hand Axe. The best spot to use this skill is outside PvP Island as there are clear rows of trees with no creatures, no Success penalty and no no moving penalty or limit per tree if you move regularly.

Logs are used in Blacksmithing, Enchanting and Woodcrafting and is therefore one of the most important Harvesting Skills.

Each successful harvest grants 1 Success. Check the Harvesting Skill page for success chances and time to level.

Other Tools that can be used for Lumberjacking include:

Penalties Edit

There is a maximum of 11 harvests per tree. I can't be bothered to find out when they reset just keep moving.

In addition to the usual Harvesting Skill success chance mechanics there are further penalties for this skill specifically if you do not move.

time (h) chance to fail
0.25 50%
0.5 75%
1 87.5%