A Loaf of Bread is a staple food item for hungry adventurers all over Oberin. The simplest of breads can be made by any cook (requiring only Level 1 Cooking). Its ingredients cannot be harvested, and must be bought at an Eatery or a General Store. All demos start with 20 loaves of bread.

A standard recipe is as follows: mix the contents of a Bag of Flour with water and a spoonful of sea salt. For best results, also add a portion of dough left over from the day before (the sourness will speed along the leavening process, and allow the bread to keep longer). Let mixture sit out in a warm location for no less than an hour. Finally, bake until crust is a warm golden brown.

More experienced cooks manipulate this simple recipe to produce a wide assortment of breads. Some of the more popular varieties are Garlic Bread and Ginger Bread.