Taken from Lord Hayate's World Map on the Oberin Website.

Lizard Island is a large island that is home to the Lizard Men and their Lizard Fort. The island is a little less than half the size of Lerilin island. There are many bonfires and human corpses stuck on spears throughout the island, not to mention an abundance of Lizard Men. To get to the island, one can travel directly southwest of the Rock Maze, or go straight northwest from the Welif Docks. The Welif route is the safest, as the other ways require one to travel through many Sea Serpents.

Traveling northwest from Welif will take you directly to what is known as the Landing. From here, there is a path that leads to the Lizard Fort, wrapping around it. The entrance to the fort is found at the west side of the path. Following the path to the northeast will take you to the Lizard Island Tunnel. The area by the Tunnel contains some Gapers. One may also find the abandoned and broken Yellow Portal here.