Lerilin is the largest village of Oberin.

Lerilin is generally regarded as being the best place for new players. It was, until a recent world map update, also the only place for new players. Except for the three major cities of Mirith, Marali and Andris, Lerilin is the only community with a Bank. Lerilin also has a small Temple.

Lerilin has a large set of Docks, useful for Fishing.

Inn Edit

  • The Friendly Turtle Inn - Deluxe Accommodations

Shop Edit

  • Tailor Shop - Paralia's House of Style
    • Paralia's is the home of a quest. Bring your Wool there.
  • Potion Shop - The best place to shop for ingredients.
  • The Potion Shop is the Home of a quest from the NPC Toc - collect 20 skulls to get 1 Dragon Tooth.

Restaurant Edit

  • Tanaka's House of Sushi
  • Tanaka's is the home of a quest. Bring your Trout there.

Lerilin Map

Thanks to S.R.C.N for the maps.

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