The Order has long been suppressed. Some say because our deeds showed up the inaction of others, others tell a darker tale still.

The Knights of Silver are an ancient religious order, serving Elara along with the Order of Brigobaen after she founded the cities. By their telling, the Knights were the ones who escorted Elara out of the volcano, referred to as “Haven” in The Shurilizuk.

Since then, there has been a rivalry between the two orders. This rivalry came to the fore in the Fighting Moon of Year 439, when the Knights resurfaced and attempted to form an alliance with Mirith (and consequently, Brigobaen) in order to face the threat of Vandrovic.

Currently, the Knights are pledged to ridding the world of liches, which they refer to collectively as “Menace”. Even in old paintings, the Knights of Silver were often portrayed fighting liches. The Knights also investigate the origins of the “aberrations”, tracing down the person (or dragon) that summoned them.

Two Knights finding a temple.

The Knights of Silver have mixed feelings toward Mirith. For one, their rival – Brigobaen – goes unchallenged in Mirith and the other cities. On the other hand, Mirith is the original city of Elara herself. The portal in the Temple of Silver even once led to Mirith Castle.

Long ago, the leader of the order was a man named Jeques. According to Nafets and Brigobaen, a dying Jeques cursed the king – perhaps Gralage III or Gralage II – and his children for three generations. A royal edict was released: the Knights were accused of heresy and had to give up their temples. It was thought that the order died with Jeques, but it actually went underground, and the Knights held on to the Temple of Silver.

Some time after that, the Knights of Silver crafted the Crystal Dragon Statue, with which the dragon Crausaar unsealed an ancient passage to the ruins of Oberin City.

The only two paladins of the order that are known to the public are Gruodland and Halcrion. Whether there are any more hiding in the shadows is a matter of debate.

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