Jan Varouf is a Senator of Andris. He was elected in the Elections of 448, making him the latest person to have joined the Senate. He is also the only person to have joined since the Elections of 438 and the various assassinations of senators in the early 440s.

Varouf is a staunch supporter of the lower class and of workers' rights, much like the late Senator Ellychas, who in life was a friend and mentor to Varouf. Varouf has announced publicly that he seeks to bring all of Ellychas's former projects to fruition. These include free school for every child, better health care, fair wages, and a regulation of the merchants' taxes.

Also like Ellychas, Varouf worked among the Andrisian miners before making his entrance into politics, and he currently still keeps a shift with them. Occasionally he has been known to make appearances in plain clothes, being opposed as he is to the pomp and ceremony of the traditional senatorial robes.