A note from J.J..

Jeremiah Jalux was one of the more prominent mages of the Black Hand, is especially well known for his deeds during the time of Tirana's occupation of Mirith. He and Valencius, a higher-ranking Black Hand wizard, are responsible for having created the Hell Mages, and, it is suspected, responsible for the experiments that led to the creation of Magma Golems.

He has often been known to sign internal Black Hand correspondence as "J.J." and his comrades often talk about him as "Jealous Jalux". Before this was common knowledge, many denizens of Oberin could only ponder what the abbreviation stood for. Some of the more plausible guesses included figures such as Jassen Andon / Captain Jass and Jirel.

Jalux is interested in old books on necromancy and the dark arts, and, occasionally, coordinates attacks on vulnerable points of the lands, in order to increase his collection of mage skulls to make more of his minions. He is rarely seen in person, disposing of a large staff of former Black Hand employees to carry out most of the work outdoors for him.

He has also come into conflict with Marali on multiple occasions, having twice attacked their vanguard in an attempt to steal Commander Kang's Diary. Why Jalux was so interested in the diary has yet to be determined.

The Laboratory[]

Around 438, maybe earlier, Jalux and Valencius installed their laboratory in the depths of the volcano, in a place that turned out to be known in the mythological narratives as “the Haven”. Alas, the structure that once meant the salvation of human kind, became a laboratory of death and destruction, so well-defended that it is rarely fully explored by even the bravest adventurers.

Ten years after its opening, however, the laboratory seems to be run by Jalux alone (could the clue to the disappearance of Valencius be in the nickname of Jalux? Jealousy?). Disconnected from his original organisation, the wizard has been trading his nefarious creations with several enemies of the lands.

Most recently, at the end of year 449, another note from J.J. was found in the hills of Mirith.

In the following moons, it has been noted his association with elements of the Creed in the exploration of the depths of yet another volcano, the one in the center of the Atoll. What are they after? It is still unknown.