The soon-to-be senator Janik.

Ivanelda Janik is a Senator of Andris, elected in the Year 438 alongside Senators Ellychas and Grantham.

Janik is very friendly and approachable, and is renowned for her experience in fashion, tailoring, and design. She has a whimsical style of speaking that is characterized by frequent use of the interjection “la”.

Her political opponents – Senator Grantham first and foremost – have criticized her lack of a specific plan or vision for Andris. During the Election of 438, Janik admitted that she had no particular opinions about what the city should do regarding trade, taxation, or the military. Instead, Janik campaigned on the argument that she was a voice of the people. She also felt that the Senate could use both her common sense and her fashion sense.

Janik was a good friend to her late colleague Ellychas, whom she affectionately called “Elly”. She has a much more strained relationship with Senator Grantham, who sees Janik as daft and frivolous. Despite this, Janik has proven to be a courageous and determined individual, as in the time she was almost kidnapped by the Black Hand.

And la, darling, if you keep cheating on your poor wife, fields of roses won’t help… try diamonds!”.

Janik’s resolve was further tested by the troubles ensuing from the Fall of Mirith. She used her skills to organize the Andris Charity Ball, bringing in many donations to support the Resistance. She then showed considerable backbone when the city was in an uproar over the arrival of Tirana’s ambassador.

Janik is married to a fur trader, and she has a daughter named Alexandra. Senator Janik attempted to arrange a marriage between her daughter and King N'eroth of Mirith. The two Janiks attended N’eroth’s Coronation, and the marriage initially appeared to be a certainty. But the plans fell apart after the disappearance of the King.

Janik herself has now gone into hiding, following the assassinations and kidnappings that struck the world leaders of Oberin in the year 442.