ID enter

The entrance of the Ice Dungeon.

The entrance to the Ice Dungeon is located on a small island near the northwest corner of the world. There is much treasure to be had inside. It is the only known place to find Ice Crystals.

Upon descending the ladder into the Ice Dungeon, players begin in the usually empty entrance room. After this room, there are a variety of options. One can continue west to find the Gooey Room, which also has many Frost Spiders. Small groups of players sometimes come to this room to farm for Spider Fangs. Most players will go to the Dragon Lair by traversing the so-called Hall of Doom, the dangerous passageway that is directly to the northeast of the entrance room. Still others yet may travel north from the entrance to reach the Draco Room, which contains many Ice Dracos as well as Gapers and Frost Spiders.

Monsters found inside include: Frost Spiders, Frost Giants, Poison Beasts, Poison Elementals, Bone Mages, Gapers, Ice Dracos, Gooeys, Ice Dragons and Ice Golems.

Tips & TricksEdit

It is recommended that any Clerics coming to hunt Dragons should have Hiding level 3 and bring a candle or other item, such as a Birthday Cake.They will drop the item where they hide, so that other people in the hunt will know where the cleric is standing when they are luring and controlling the critters. In the (often) rough situations, Clerics can expect to drink a lot of Mana Potions. There are many poison creatures in the lair, so Clerics will have to detoxify a lot. All Fighters, Rangers and Rogues should bring 20 Mana Potions to the hunt so that they can give them to the clerics in times of need.